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Radar Detection Systems
Superwide Remote $620.00

The K40 Superwide Remote conceals itself in the dash from theft.

In response to the FCC approval of Wideband Ka radar in police equipment, K40 has developed radar detectors with Superwide Ka range. This covers 33.4 to 36.0 GHz to give you complete protection from police Wideband Ka monitoring.

K40 Electronics' incredible custom remote detection systems give you 100% protection from speed traps in front of you and superior coverage from behind. Only K40 systems can give you this protection because we use the largest, most sensitive receiver in the industry, mounted behind the front grill or bumper of your car, where it can capture signals fast and without obstruction.

  • Detects X,K and Ka bands
  • Pulse Protection instantly alerts you to police 'instant on" radar.
  • Auto Mute quietly lets you monitor frequent radar encounters.
  • Linear Geiger Mode. Clicking sound picks up in intensity as you get closer to the radar source.
  • Filter Adjustment Control eliminates non-police X band signals
  • Alert Override. Prioritizes incoming radar signals to alert you of the most urgent threat
  • LED Signal Delay. Audio alert precedes LED signal, gives you the time to confirm type of police radar encountered.

K40 Guarantee Against Speeding Tickets and Theft

Superwide Remote

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