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Laser Defuser Plus

Mounted as the front license plate holder the K40 Laser Defuser is virtually undetectable

The Ultimate in Laser Protection:
A police laser gun is fast. But the K40 Laser DefuserPlus Protection System is faster. It sends out a continuous signal, one that literally beats the police laser signal back to the laser gun. This deactivates police speed measurements - allows you to drive by ticket free. The DefuserPlus also signals you with audible and visual warnings. Giving you the precious time to reduce your speed. The highly sophisticated K40 Laser DefuserPlus Protection System is so small, it mounts undetectably in a specially designed but ordinary looking license plate frame.

Now you can again drive confidently when the K40 Laser DefuserPlus™, the most sophisticated anti-laser technology available, is vigilantly detecting and protecting your vehicle.

This first of its kind, active system is designed to detect and deactivate the laser light signal transmitted by police laser. When targeted by police laser, the Laser DefuserPlus immediately sends out a return pulse signal at the same frequency. Simultaneously, you are alerted to the targeting by audible and visual warnings.

Deactivates All Police Laser Guns:
Protects you from costly laser tickets.

Unique Audible and Visual Warning:
Monitors the road ahead and alarms when you are being hit by police laser.

Strategically Located:
Mounted up front in license plate frame for the best possible protection against police laser guns.

Durable Frame Housing:
Made of one of the strongest synthetics available. Protects unit against normal wear.

Universal Mounting Bracket:
Allows for custom mounting outside of the frame.

Integrates with Any Current K40 Remote System:
Also compliments your existing radar detector for the ultimate in police radar and laser protection.

Laser DefuserPlus with Pod
In place of a standard L.E.D. alert light and speaker, the LD5500POD utilizes K40's new Pod technology for laser identification. Made from a unique ABS housing design, the individual Warning Pod incorporates both the LED alert light and audio speaker inside a sleek, low profile display that mounts virtually anywhere near the vehicle's dash panel or instrument cluster. An ideal installation when complimenting the DefuserPlus with an already existing radar detector.
A tiny indicator light and speaker give you distinct audible and visual alerts to warn of police laser targeting your vehicle.

Warning light mounted in the instrument cluster is completely unnoticed by thieves or police.

Imagine! Audio and visual information in a display about the size of a quarter!

As a class III laser device, the DefuserPlus™ does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FCC. As such, there are no Federal Laws regulating the use of this product.
Note: To ensure that you receive the correct part for your vehicle please complete the checkout form in its entirety.
Description Price Quantity Order
Laser DefuserPlus $299.95

Description Price Quantity Order
Laser DefuserPlus with Pod $329.95

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